Boxspring beds are self-contained bed systems and differ from classic beds due to the structure, the lying behavior and the look. High-quality box spring beds create a very balanced lying behavior and pleasant comfort.

The base of a box spring bed forms the bed box („box“) with the built-in springs („Spring“). This substructure ensures good ventilation of the mattress and the typical lying comfort of an boxspring bed.

The heart of all boxspring beds is the mattress. Our ROYAL DREAM mattress is exactly matched to the box and ensures thanks to the mattress foam for a high durability

The topper is the icing on the cake of the sleeping room. This optional support contributes significantly to a particularly comfortable lying surface.

Outstanding quality & excellent design

The classic

ROYAL DREAM CLASSIC combines the finest looks with optimum sleeping comfort. Box-jumping connoisseurs have appreciated this bed for years, not least because of the perfect shape that fits into any sleeping world, but also because of the appealing look that fills it in the room.

The queen of the box spring beds

Sleeping comfort in its luxurious form: for example, with a motorized adjustable box, whether for reading or just to put your feet up, with a remote control, the ROYAL DREAM ELEGANCE offers the comfortable way to individually adjust the foot and headboard.

The crown princess

Design diversity has a name: ROYAL DREAM Avantgarde. Individual demands on the optics have almost limitless possibilities here. In addition to the known Koforthöhe for box spring beds, this variant shines with the combination of individual base suspension and high-quality mattress. Here, design lovers not only have the visual impression of sleeping on cloud.

The Allaround-talent

Advantages of boxspringbeds

Advantage # 1: Sleep sensation

Boxspring beds offer a very good feeling of lying comfort and wellbeing. If the boxspring, mattress and topper have been selected appropriately, a boxspring bed offers a significantly higher level of comfort than ordinary beds. As it adapts perfectly to the user.

Advantage No. 2: back-friendly

Since the box spring can be tailored exactly to the sleeping person, it is very back friendly. Especially if you have problems in the lumbar spine as well as problems with the intervertebral discs, a boxspring bed offers the back the amount of support it needs.

Advantage No. 3: Hygiene

Every night during sleep we lose about half a liter of fluid through sweating. Boxspring beds have been designed so that the air can circulate well and thus ensure the hygiene of the bed. The water does not penetrate into the mattress and thus can’t form a home for mites, but is discharged into the air.

Advantage No. 4: Easy entry

Box spring beds are often at least half a meter high. The entry into the bed is therefore very comfortable.

Advantage # 5: Longevity

The mattress of a boxspring bed is not so fast ‚through‘, like mattresses resting on slatted frames. The pressure of the body weight is well derived, so a box spring bed remains comfortable and evenly stable for a particularly long time. The substructure is robust and durable.

Advantage No. 6: Design

Tastes are different. But you can’t deny that a box spring bed has a special design, so it can be immediately recognized as a box spring bed. The elegance of Swedish or Dutch design makes the box spring also visually something special.