Bedcovers are light, cuddly soft, cuddly and create the perfect sleeping environment. However, one should also note here: Not every quilt is suitable for every sleeper.

Room climate, own heat demand and feeling, filling quantity and type of quilting are crucial indicators in the selection of a good bedcover.

Which filling quality is ultimately the right one is determined during a consultation and in test lying. Betten Schmidt advises you professionally!


Down are filigree anatomical masterpieces of nature, which unfold their full effect only in a group of their peers.

A down is a feather with a short keel and a very soft and long, radially arranged spring branches without a tick. Down, in most species of birds, is the so-called “underdress” under the contour feathers; in some groups of birds such as ratites they are absent.

Down has a high elasticity. For example, squeezing down and releasing down in the hand quickly unfolds new and returns to its original form. Due to their three-dimensional structure, down can trap much more air than feathers.

Down is used for thermal insulation in bedding, sleeping bags or in jackets, thanks to its ability of “provide warmth with almost no weight”.


Feathers have a hollow keel in the middle and are two-dimensional. On both sides of the keel branch hair-thin feather branches, which in turn show upper and lower side branches.

Due to the strong curvature of the feathers of ducks and geese, it is also known as water fowl. The springs form air cushions which have a heat-insulating effect.

The keel has an additional effect on bedding, such as for the pillow. You can compress the feather, it springs back again and again, so that the pillow keeps its shape for a long time.