Welcome to Betten Schmidt in Giessen

Those who sleep sufficiently live healthier and are also can provide higher performance. It is not not a surprise, that adults spend about one third of their lives with sleeping. The individually selected sleep system and the bedding, which has been tailored to suit individual needs, living conditions and seasons, contribute significantly to the quality of sleep and thus to the quality of life.

The corresponding products, combining functionality and comfort, in harmony with nature and human kind, determine the basic values of the Schmidt family. Products of the highest quality are offered. Most of them are made 100% in German-speaking countries.

100% Customer satifsfaction

We always strive to satisfy our customers. That is always our goal! We are proud of our 10 years family business, quality with good value for money and satisfied customers.

Our Service for you

  • Disposal of the old bed
  • On-site consultation
  • Matress testing
  • Bed core exchange
  • Complete bed cleaning

Best quality product

We offer best quality products made in Germany for a fair price.

Supporting and promoting local regions

The family supports local farmers and producers, not only in bedding buainess but also in alternative health.

In Salzbödetal (close to Giessen) around 700 geese lives on the farm of the Krug family. Their down and feathers are exclusively available for Betten Schmidt and are processed by us to high-quality pillows and duvets. Customers loves to use this special feature when they request for their homemade-individual pillow. A unique gift – for yourself or for a loved one – at an affordable price and performance ratio.

New releases

In trend – the box spring beds

The box spring bed, also called American bed or continental bed, is a sleeping system in which instead of a slatted frame a sprung base frame forms the basis.

The box, so the base, consists of a frame, which is usually made of solid wood and is surrounded by a springs. Most box spring beds are equipped with Bonellfeather, so spring core or pocket spring core. Depending on the manufacturer, several different layers of springs can already be processed in the box spring base frame. On the box spring is a mattress and – depending on personal taste and body composition – an additional topper is on it.

Boxspring beds are particularly popular in the United States and Canada, but they also have a long tradition in Scandinavia. The demand for box spring beds is rising massively in Germany.

With a computer-based system, you can customize your box spring bed. Various visual views will help you in your decision. If you wanted to design your bed comfortably at home, you can reach our Boxspringbed configurator via our homepage.