Everybody spends a third of their life in their bed. The mattress has a significant influence on lying and sleeping Quality and thus on the performance ability during the day.

A good mattress should, of course, be elastic and supportive for the body.

A mattress must be able to react flexible at certain points, so that shoulder and pelvic area can sink gently.

At the same time, the mattress should also support the spine, especially in the sensitive lumbar spine area the body should be brought into the anatomically correct position immidiately .

Criteria for mattress purchase

To help you to choose the right mattress, we recommend to answer following questions:

  • Sleep position: Do you prefer to sleep on your back, stomach or on the side?

  • Physical stature: How much weight should the mattress be able to carry? How is the physique?

  • Heat requirement: Do you like to sleep pleasantly cool or cozy warm?

  • Do you have any allergies?

  • Are there physical complaints or long-term pain?

The ideal mattress

Quality lying

Shoulder and pelvis must be able to sink into the mattress gently. This feature of the mattress supports the hip and keeps the spine anatomically correct.

Pressure relief

The weight of the sleeper must be distributed over the largest possible area. Due to the distribution of weight, the pressure on the skin is reduced and the circulation in the arms and legs is supported.


The mattress must be breathable in order to avoid the heat. Crucial criterias are materials used and the structure of the mattress. A functional mattress protector also helps to support good ventilation on your mattess. The less moisture you have in a mattress, the less nourishment you give for mites.


As a main criteria for every customer: A mattress must be comfortable. You can sleep only well if you feel comfortable in your own bed.

A little insight into the mattress world

Spring mattresses

Spring mattresses are the best known type of mattress. The heart of the mattresses consists of steel springs, which contract under load and thus distribute the pressure evenly. In classic spring mattresses, the springs are free to move and are not separated.

The spring core stands is appreciated for solid and traditional mattress processing. Its supportive feature and high durability are responsible for its continued acceptance and popularity on customers. Through the cavity in the interior of the spring mattress excellent ventilation is ensured. Robust upholstery supporter and cushion plates give the typical firm comfort.

We offer everything from a simply constructed model to a complex, handcrafted upholstered mattress.

Pocket spring mattress

A large number of feathers, which are all individually sewn into fabric bags, create the basis for a restful and relaxing sleep. By this processing, the pocket spring mattresses reach a high degree of flexibility and point elasticity.

Highly elastic padding materials, such as cold foam or thermal foam give these mattresses the comfort that is so typical for them.

We can offer you a wide range of different types of pocket spring mattresses.

Foam mattresses

Elasticity, resilience, pressure distribution, durability and ease of use of the mattress are due to the low weight, the responsible properties for the continued success of cold foam mattress. Very varied cuts and holes are created various lying areas and ventilation systems.

However: cold foam, which is offered at many matress discounters and internet, provides a quite good feeling in the beginning , but the pleasure of sleeping quality does not last very long.

Of course, there are also high-quality cold foam mattresses, which can be definitely recommended.

We also find here the perfect solution for your sleep.