The selection of pillows is huge.

From simply filled fiber pillows in various sizes to complex double-chamber pillows filled with feathers and down feathers or the creation of an individual pillow – everything is possible.

Down feather and feathers from the local Salzbödeltal valley are used for the production of individual pillows.

Important: A pillow should be comfortable, cuddly, soft, cuddly but also supportive.

Neck support pillow

Especially for your head and spinal column we recommend our DAGREWA neck support pillows. Due to their shape and special materials, they are able to effectively support the head and cervical spine. The muscles are relaxed and sleep quality shows significant improvement in your sleep behavior.

Again, a test lying is essential as the pillows differ in material and height.

Criteria for the right test lying on the pillow:

  • Softness / Hardness

  • Supporting effect

  • Filling material

  • conformability

  • Size